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FIT COLORS - Matte Velvet Non-stick Cup Lipstick

FIT COLORS - Matte Velvet Non-stick Cup Lipstick

Обычная цена $9.60 USD
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $9.60 USD
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Looking for the perfect lipstick to complete your look? Look no further! Our Matte Velvet Non-stick Cup Lipsticks add vibrant colors and a flawless finish to your lips without any smudging or sticking.

Made in Korea, this makeup is perfect for any occasion - from daily wear to formal events. With five stunning colors in each tube, you can easily find the perfect match for any outfit.

The texture of our non-stick cup lipsticks is incredibly soft and comfortable, providing a smooth application without any clumps or dryness. Plus, our velvety mattes have amazing staying power, ensuring your style stays on point all day long.

With supreme pigmentation and long-lasting wear, our Matte Velvet Non-stick Cup Lippie Collection is the perfect way to enhance your natural beauty!

Note:  Free gift not included.

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