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DRAGON RANEE - Fresh Fruit Roll-on Lip Balm

DRAGON RANEE - Fresh Fruit Roll-on Lip Balm

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Experience the ultimate solution for the perfect pout with DRAGON RANEE - Fresh Fruit Roll-on Lip Balm!

This lip makeup primer delivers long lasting hydration and keeps your lips moisturized all day. The transparent lip oil creates natural-looking shine without any stickiness, making it perfect for achieving perfectly nourished lips.

With its special ingredients, our lip balm can also effectively cleanse aging skin and reduce the appearance of lip lines with frequent use.

Enjoy instantly softer and smoother lips with every use! But that's not all - our balm also boasts a delicate honey aroma that will leave your lips feeling beautifully caressed. Whether you're going for a subtle everyday look or a glamorous one for special occasions,

DRAGON RANEE - Fresh Fruit Roll-on Lip Balm is the must-have base product for all your lip looks!

Specifications & Product Benefits: Moisturizing, Hydrating | Item Form: oil | Net weight: 8ml

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