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DAIMANPU - Starry Sky Jelly Lipstick

DAIMANPU - Starry Sky Jelly Lipstick

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Experience our revolutionary Starry Sky Jelly Lipstick! With the ability to change shades based on your body's temperature, this lipstick offers a unique and stunning look for any event. Featuring Diamond Lipstick Technology, it effortlessly glides on for all-day moisture and luster.

Our Waterproof Glitter Lip Balm adds a touch of glamour and sparkle, making your lips the center of attention.

Whether you prefer a subtle everyday hue or a bold statement for a special occasion, this is the must-have lipstick for you. Don't hesitate - get your Starry Sky Jelly Lipstick now!

Net Content: 3.5g
Size: about 2.5×2.5×8 (cm)
Ingredients: Vitamin A, benzoyl peroxide, isopropanol, etc.
Shelf Life: 3 years
Quantity: 1pcs

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