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LANGMANNI - Lipstick Lip Gloss Lip Liner Pen Set

LANGMANNI - Lipstick Lip Gloss Lip Liner Pen Set

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नियमित मूल्य बेच्ने मुल्य $10.14 USD
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Get ready to elevate your lip game with our Lipstick Set - a must-have for any makeup collection!

This all-in-one set includes a lip gloss and lip liner pen, offering a variety of gorgeous waterproof and matte shades. Achieve a perfect pout with ease with these long-lasting and easy-to-wear lip products.

Embrace stunning and enduring lips all day long with this LANGMANNI makeup cosmetic set, perfect for effortless application and ideal for anyone.

This set includes 1 Lip Glaze and 1 Lip Liner, with a net content of 2.5g and 1g respectively. Get your hands on this must-have set and experience the difference!

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